Spaces that welcome and invite


Your home has a story to tell.



We design spaces filled with authenticity to show your story with heart.

Design done well is a reflection of who you are with an emphasis on how it makes people feel when they are in that space.


Welcome to Talia Corrine Interiors. We are a full-service interior design firm based in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. We are wildly passionate about creating spaces that are elevated, conversational and where life's richest moments are meant to take place. We believe the essence of interior design is about people and how they feel in a space which, in turn, affects how they function in a space. We design elevated, conversational spaces to capture the spirit of our clients. We create and design spaces, offices, hotels, homes, restaurants, and spas that encourage and promote a sense of well-being. A place that allows for healing, comfort and to just be from large-scale remodels, to simple room refreshes,the team at Talia Corrine Interiors are experts at taking the untapped possibilities

of a space and bringing new life that reflect your personal style and taste. With over a decade of experience designing residential and commercial spaces we assist clients with a wide-range of challenges. We collaborate with architects, contractors, builders and our trade-only vendors and showrooms to bring our clients incredibly distinguished and one-of-a-kind spaces.

The best thing about kind people, is their kind words.


Ianwalker, LLC 

She has exceptional taste!

Talia has become my go to anytime I need something styled, redecorated, or simply need an extra set of eyes or hands to help me accomplish a task. She has exceptional taste and will work tirelessly to make sure you are satisfied with the end result. She recently helped me transform a rental property that was in desperate need of a facelift before I had it revalued. Before her help, my property was valued at $185,000. After she completed the front yard, door, trim and aesthetic upgrade to the front of the property, it re-appraised for $205,000. I highly recommend her exceptional work for any of your needs and will be teaming up with her on all of my future real estate investments. Thanks Talia!


Talia has done an amazing job

Talia has done an amazing job helping to rebrand our Cryotherapy Spa and has given it the facelift and ambiance it needed to help showcase our upscale services. She has completely transformed our companies “feel and energy” and it resonates throughout our store. Every room is custom designed to meet the exact energy we would like our customers to experience and our increased customer reviews and bottom line are a direct reflection of the transformations she helped us achieve in our Spa. We are constantly complimented on how clean, upscale and modern our office now looks. I would highly recommended Talia for any help rebranding, re-decorating or completely renovating your business, office or home.